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A Book of Treasures for Swap-bot

I’ve gotten into mail art and journal swaps at of late.  One of the things I’ve been devoting time to is a Book of Treasures swap. 

So what is this swap about?  This swap is being hosted by druideye (click here for her craft blog) and this is the swap description she provided:

This swap is for a special journal… A Book of Treasures… The book itself should be at least 8 inches x 5 inches – a composition book is a bit bigger than that, but would work perfect. It can be handmade, or storebought. The outside should look very special, like something you’d see and be dying to open to find the treasures inside.

The journal should have a minimum of 20 pages with 20 treasures (you can include more pages and/or treasures if you want).

You can attach the treasures into the book however you see fit… pockets, envelopes, fold-outs, tied in, etc. At least 12 of the treasures have to be removable items. The other 8 CAN be (but doesn’t HAVE to be) permanently part of the book, like pop-ups, fold-outs, spinners, artwork etc.

The pages of the journal should be decorated and fun/beautiful/interesting to read through and look at. Please don’t just glue a bunch of envelopes on each page. Make the pages something your partner will treasure forever. I’d recommend if you are painting, or doing things that could make the pages stick together, to put wax paper between each page.

To make sturdy pages if you use something like a composition book, it’s a good idea to glue several pages together to make it thick, and then cover it with gesso especially if you want to draw/paint/artfully decorate it.

What IS a treasure, you ask? A treasure is any little surprise that you can somehow manage to stick into the book- tags, recipes, letter sets, notecards, postcards, bookmarks, cds, dvds, atcs, picture frames, zentangles, envies full of supplies (like ribbons, eyelets, beads, atc blanks, etc), coupons for something free, patterned paper, jewelry, photographs, charms, etc.

This is SENDER’S CHOICE but I would really love if you were to look at your partner’s profile to get some ideas on things they’d really treasure.

I did this swap a few years ago, and my treasure book is so precious to me that it still sits on my craft desk. My partner really outdid herself, and it is an amazing work of art. I hope you all get a book you are proud to own.

Please send on time! Rate promptly! And rate fairly! If the swap is completed correctly with the size of the book, 20 pages, and 20 treasures – please rate them as completing the swap EVEN if you don’t like the treasures they included or it isn’t “pretty” enough. Everyone is at different creative and crafting levels.

I have permission from @rubyfreckles to host this, she hosted the one I was in years ago, thank you.

Note: If you look up “book of treasures swap bot” on google, you will find several photos of books that were done, and pages.

I signed up and have started working on my book.

I always say the hardest part is choosing the book, album or journal that will house everything you create or write.  I knew right away I needed something that was not hard bound, because the ideas I have for the treasures would require spacing and some buffer.  I was upstairs in the attic when I found 2 of around 6 postcard/photo albums I had bought a while back at a Daffy’s in the village.

It was a two-inch thick three-ring-bound 9×10 (approximately) hard bound album.  I will cover the album in full to go with the theme of my book but I’m saving that for last.

I already made up my mind to “make” the pages myself instead of using ready-made journal or scrapbook pages.  I’ve been creating these the last two weeks (partners were assigned late February) and I’m creating them like I would create art journal backgrounds.  I’ve cut up used manila folders, corrugated boxes, gift box cardboard, working extended lengths of my 8 1/2 x 6/75 inche base page.  Most if not all my layouts will be fold-outs.

I’ve been working on “wrapping” the cardboard with my printouts and other paper so that I can make it look like a sturdy folder bound into the book.  (It’s a little difficult to explain without visuals, but I”m not ready to show any pictures just yet.)  The only thing I”m afraid of is that I might end up liking this so much I might have a hard time parting with it to give it away. =)  But I am creating the book with my swap partner in mind.

I’m writing about it here because I want to feature how I am creating the various pages for reference.  More to come!