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Doodled Paper Pieced Flowers

Here’s something you can do using colorful scrap paper or magazine pages which I use, and it doesn’t take major artistic talent to pull it off. If you can doodle, then  you can pull this off for handmade cards, scrapbook embellishments or journaling decorations.

The idea is to draw the flower in layers, cutting and pasting them as you go along.  Find a colorful magazine — preferably with big color swatches — not necessarily colorful pictures.


1.  Pick your choice of doodling pen.  I use a black signpen and prefer non-glossy magazine pages.  If your pen works well with glossy pages, that will work.

2.  Take a magazine or colorful paper.  This will also work on scrap patterned/background paper.

3.  You will need a pair of scissors that you are comfortable cutting round corners with.

4.  Glue stick


Paperkrafts: doodled paper pieces flowers  - step by step layering 1Draw your stamen the size of a quarter. This is supposed to be doodling so don’t worry that your circle is not perfect. Cut the circle just outside its outline. I usually leave a teeny-weeny part outside of the drawing when I cut it.

Find your next “color” or swatch of colored background. Apply paste or glue stick to the back of your done piece and paste it onto the “next layer”.

Paperkrafts: doodled paper pieces flowers  - step by step layering 2I do my first row of petals with flourish instead of patterns.  It calls the eye to the middle of the flower and “pulls it together” for me.  I also choose a pattern or shading for the edge of the petals to “define” it and you will see this more clearly with the succeeding layers as the flower is slowly assembled as you go along.

Paperkrafts: doodled paper pieces flowers  - step by step layering 3

The shape of your petals and its size can change as you go along. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because you can always draw over them or “color” over the spaces.  You may choose to “fill in” the petal with patterns, but for this row, I chose to keep it plain because the page was text heavy. I let that be it’s “background” instead of further decorating it with a pattern.

Paperkrafts: doodled paper pieces flowers  - step by step layering 4

Sometimes I get lucky and come across this kind of a vibrant layout in a magazine. I made the petal larger to accommodate a more elaborate doodle of dots and fan-like embellishment, but I didn’t fill in the petal itself.  I also made the scalloped edge more pronounced by fully coloring it in.  If you noticed, I don’t do that for each layer and it makes each layer distinct from the one next to it.

Paperkrafts: doodled paper pieces flowers  - step by step layering 5

As you can see, I did the exact opposite in the next layer and I used a linear pattern within to cover the entire space within. I still did a definite border but did not color it in, but still defined it.

Paperkrafts: doodled paper pieces flowers  - step by step layering 6By the time I got to this layer, I knew it would be the final layer. You can obviously go on and on and on creating layer after layer, but if you’re planning to use this for a card or a two-page altered book layout, then you know you can stop with the previous layer or this one. I had reached the size I desired, so I made the border even more defined.

You choose your colors, your layers and the size of your final product. I like doing this kind of art because it doesn’t require a lot of thinking and you can always correct your mistakes, either by taking apart a layer pasted onto a messed up next layer. (TIP: Apply glue only to the middle of your finished layers so you can move it easily if you need to.)

Like most things, it takes practice, but if you can draw circles and lines, there is no limit to where your imagination can take you.

Paperkrafts: doodled paper pieces flowers  - step by step layering FINAL

I’m currently using a pair for a Mother’s Day entry in my art journal which is still a work in progress. Have fun!
Mother's Day layout


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