Welcoming 2015

Sunset over Manhattan 02Jan2015

Three months after an attempt to jump start this corner, I’m back.  And hopefully, REALLY back.

It seems that that has been such a struggle the past couple of months.  And yes, the creativity has somehow ebbed and I haven’t been as good with keeping up with my goals.  But the new year is here, and with it, a chance for a new beginning finds me again.

2014 has been quite a challenging year in many ways.  Personally, it was a time of discernment and struggle, but I think I managed to regain my footing the second half of the year.  The challenges continue to come, but I think I have come back to my old form and are now in better shape to face them head on.  It’s not a “new” me — but rather a “better me” — like reacquainting myself with the old self I had somehow tucked in deep under the layers of conformity and compromise.  No more.

I guess you can say “I am back” in many ways.  And hopefully I will be able to finally get things up and running on this side of my web presence.

Here’s to Gotham Chick this 2015..

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