Color inspirations

#ColorInspiration #sarisilkribbon #upcycling #fiberart #crafting #magenta #fuschia #fuschiapink #purple #createI have an off-again-on-again regular post in the other blog where I write about my personal and non-crafty pursuits.  It’s called the “Friday Five,” and two Fridays ago, I wrote as one of the 5 tasks I hoped to focus on for the weekend, was to write five topics I had hoped to write about there and here.  Surprisingly, I came up with the five topics faster for this corner of the web.  They are all in draft form, and this was one of them.

I derive my color inspirations from the every day.  I am usually very conservative with my own choices personally except for my favorite fuschia pink.  I wear it in the loudest to the mutest iteration of the color — but fuschia was never really meant to be ‘muted’ in any sense.

I like browsing magazines to look at color combinations not just in the articles and shopping guides, but more so in the ads.  As someone who spent the earlier part of her professional career in advertising, I have learned a lot about the science of color and how it is used to shape the reader or viewer’s perspective.  From the perspective of the audience, we think it’s all random or meant to be “just aesthetically pleasing”.  The truth is, it’s meant to drive a certain impulse or stir up something in our thought process.

If it’s a product, we’re being told to buy.  If it’s a service, we’re being asked to trust the brand and choose it.

I am just an ordinary working mom.  But color plays a part in my day even when I choose to wear all black.  I find that black helps me to look professional with the least effort, but I always try to make something pop out by wearing a statement accessory with either a brighter color or a telling ensemble.

When I walk around, I am conscious of the color people wear.  I had so wanted to stop this lady wearing a fuschia pink sweater under a violet coat.  She didn’t look like a fashionista with her regular hair and make up — but she made a statement with her color combo.

I always make it a point to stop and tell the women with pink or green or purple hair how I love their hair color.  I think anyone who can pull off any of the non-traditional hair color should be admired for their courage to be different.  It takes personality to do that, and not all of us have the wherewithal to do it.

I look at the shop windows I pass and try to see the almost immaculately white ensemble with the bouquets of dried flowers hanging in a repetitive pattern.  Ideas are all around us — and while they may influence us, what we do with these ideas is genuinely us.

Where do you get your color inspiration?