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My Craft Calendar

My dream job is to really be able to schedule time to work on my crafts between trying to keep a presence here, write what I want to write, and stay on top of my almost 12-year-old.  Right now, my days revolve around a day job that pretty much takes up my whole day from 8am when I am usually on the bus to Manhattan, to 7:30pm when I walk in the door.  After that, 80% of what’s left of my moments awake are devoted to motherhood.  The usual chat and hugs between homework and dinner leave me very little time to sit down and unwind and fiddle with my projects.  What happens is that I end up sleeping at or just past midnight, but it doesn’t mean waking up later.  I will get up before 6am to start my day over the following day, no matter what time I slept the night before.

#craft toys just arrived!  Working on some #invitations using my #spellbinders #grandcalibur machine.  Just waiting for my #paperstock to arrive.  #crafthappy. And can't wait to get started!  Love these #dies..I found it rather frustrating that I came up with projects last year which turned out okay, but which would have really been “great” if only I had found the time to work on them way in advance.  So four months into 2016, (late, I know..),  I thought I’d plan ahead for the rest of the year.

So for the most part, only I can really understand what the calendar is about, but the point is for it to remind me of what I plan to do and keep me focused.  And yet again, I’m hoping to start posting here more regularly, not monthly.

Here’s what I hope to focus on in the coming months:


  •  Get started on my fabric clutches.  (Something I’m currently working on.)
  • Create more pieces and post in the shop. (Ongoing)
  • Start taking sewing classes at Mood Fabrics. (Free, already enrolled, due to begin end of the month.. Yay!)


  • Get my tour guide license.  (More on this later.)
  • Start making pieces to wear and bring to Fiji.  (Trip planned for end of June  with bestfriend, Donna.)


  • Start planning my halloween costume, another paper fairy gown.
  • Design my holiday card for the end of the year.  (Need to determine materials.)
  • Create pieces to bring home to Manila in late July or August.
  • Launch bead tours.


  • Work on throw pillows (if the living room renovation has already started, if not, just make designs.)
  • Post a clutch for sale in the etsy shop.
  • Launch first postcard set project.
  • Take photographs and source materials in the Philippines.


  • Start creating the halloween costume.  (Will try to actually sew one instead of pinning one together like last year.)
  • Create paper boxes.


  • Work on Christmas decor.
  • Produce holiday cards.
  • Create gifts to give for the holidays.
  • Launch second postcard set.
  • Stock up the shop and launch holiday promo.


  • Finish holiday card.
  • Handmade gifts.
  • Put up my Christmas tree last week of October.


  • Mail out holiday cards.
  • Decorate tree first week, deck out the house.
  • Create wrappers for the holiday gifts.


  • Create and make gift packaging.  (Wrapper, embellishments, tags)

The calendar is obviously not set in stone and is meant to just be a guide to help me focus.  As crafting is not my number one priority, it usually becomes an afterthought and then a cause for a flood of “should haves” and “if onlys”.  I’ll revisit the list from time to time to report on how I’ve been doing.


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