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Art Journal in the making

Two months since the year began and I’ve made great strides as far as the art journal is concerned. So while I write about the journey in my other blog, I’d like to share the actual method by which a non artist like myself creates the various pages.

I have decided to make my journal with card stock like paper, so I have relied mostly on using upcycled manila folders. I wanted my journal to be a good size for layouts and journaling, and I decided a 5.5×7.5 layout fell nicely within my main paper medium. So far, I’ve also used other card stock in larger formats to help me with my fold out layouts which I will show you later.

I’m hoping to make a basic video tutorial on binding together Manila folders by simply using a glue stick and at times, double sided tape for reinforcement.

The way my art journal is structured, I have made separate signatures that I will combine together at a later time, or as I go along. For now, I am heavy at work doing my 2019 recap and beginning my 2020 entries.

As a teaser, here’s a video I made a few weeks back showing the original look of that first portion before I started journaling on it. I’m going to work on an update video soon and you will see that I’ve made changes in the binding and added a lot more content. Pending the video, I will post snapshots of my layouts identifying the elements used or the methods I used to create the pages themselves.

A lot of the pages are simple water color backgrounds, and there are some book pages printed with color and pasted on the Manila folder. I’ve summoned all my creative juices to the fore and have been discovering elements I have all but forgotten about as I went through my art supplies. Excited is an understatement.


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