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Crafting in this age of social distancing


Today marks two weeks since we started working from home and practicing social distancing. You’d think that staying at home would spur on a creative surge, but the pressure and adjustment to our new normal has not been as smooth and seamless as we thought . It wasn’t easy the first week. I often ended the day both physically and mentally exhausted.

During the second week, though, I had to do something with my hands before I drove myself totally crazy with how busy work had gotten. I just randomly strung glass crystal beads into a spool of cotton crochet thread and then stitched away. No rhyme and reason to it really except that I decided I would string together 100 beads or so and separate it with 3 stitches. It came to 6 feet in all which can be doubled or even worn as three layers around your neck.

At first, I was thinking of clustering the beads by color, and then my hook slipped and the weight of the bead caused the crocheted chain to fall and become undone. Then the thread somehow got entangled and I tried but was unsuccessful getting the thread straightened. So I decided to start over and with my beads in a cup, went for random.

I am an advanced crochet crafter — I didn’t work with any pattern and simply used existing pins on pinterest as guide. I figured out my own way of attaching a double jump ring at the beginning of the project and then worked from there. I was trying to decide whether or not I will attach the lobster clasp the same way at the end — via a Jumpring, and I don’t know what possessed me to just thread and stitch through the clasp. Ta-dah!


I like to crochet because the repetitive motions of pulling the thread through the hoops and stitching through the loops has a calming effect on me. There’s something about how I can go effortlessly through the project and see its end result that I find gratifying. Even when I’m reading a pattern as I stitch, each stitch is like a sip of wine at the end of the day that brings me back down to a sense of calm.

It seems this new working arrangement will be in effect for longer that we all hope it would, and I think I’ll be picking up my crochet hook again. Perhaps.

I actually sewed three face masks in one evening, hoping to “extend” the life of the masks that I have. But that’s another post. For now, I’m looking for enough beads to crochet my next lariat with.

Stay safe, everyone.


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