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Back to Sewing School

A few months ago, I enrolled in the Beginner Sewing Class of Mood Fabric’s MoodU.  I took the six week course successfully and came out of it with a refresher in basic machine sewing and a tote bag.  I have always enjoyed learning new things and this was even doubly fulfilling because I came out of it with a new bag to lug around.

Summer came and with impending travel, I missed the succeeding session and decided to wait for the next round of classes.  Last Saturday, we had the first of six new lessons in Advanced Sewing and my sewing bag is back in use.  I do the lessons with a girlfriend and we were both excited to start this weekend routine again.  It’s the build up of the anticipation to being able to do something that gives you a concrete result you can actually use later.

For the first week, we were asked to choose which piece of garment we would take on: a skirt, a wrap dress, a men’s polo shirt or a robe which is the same pattern for a coat.  I picked the latter — because “coat” beckoned to me.

I’ve always found coat shopping a bit of a challenge, and I’ve been wanting to find a nice fitting coat in a more non-traditional fabric.  Another project brewing in my head is jazzing up an existing coat with embroidery or embellishment.  A recent scan of some magazines showed me some garments in painted denim which made me go “hmmmmmmm.”  But first, the robe.

Having measured ourselves and and then trying on the sample pieces of our garment of choice, we were given the pattern of the project we chose in the approximate size.  This class, by the way, is being taught by Benjamin Mach once again, which makes for an additional perk.  I like the way he teaches and the humor he wryly injects in between instruction sessions making the lessons even more enjoyable.  He is assisted by a very eclectic mix of competent sewing teaching assistants who add not only a lot of color but a ton of sewing experience to help us navigate our way through the project.

You receive the pattern in a range of 4 sizes and in several variations of the garment you are trying to make.  The thing is to identify your size and the kind of dashed line referring to it and cut the patterns out.  I didn’t even get to finish cutting my pattern and am going to do that during my lunch break.  There are just too many pieces and I need the room.

This golden girl is getting ready to sew!   Pattern to be cut and fabric to be chosen… must do in the next 5 days before next Saturday’s class.  Can’t wait!

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Online Classrooms

I’d be the first to admit that I have learned much of what I do as a crafter online.  From researching on Flickr to Pinterest to just feeling lucky and hitting Google, I’ve managed to learn how to work headpins and wire, knit the right way (after learning from our encyclopedia decades ago using plastic chopsticks!) and discovered free-form crochet.

Nowadays, we’re lucky to come across crafting classes that run the gamut of crafts you may already know as an expert, or a new interest you’re looking to learn more about.  Below are some of the latest class offerings from Craftsy.  Check them out by clicking on the pics below.  Please note that GothamChick is a paid affiliate of Craftsy and will earn a commission should your click result in a purchase  (Yay!)

No matter how simple a task may be, there are many things we can learn from others who may be as good if not better than us.  When you are in the business of creating, whether it be for yourself or for sale to the public, you can never have enough new ideas to toy with or incorporate into your own work.  How may times have you had an “Aha!” moment where you suddenly realized there IS a better way than the one you’ve been accustomed to?

I have discovered this from the craft fairs and classes I’ve attended personally and the videos and websites I’ve visited for guidance.  You never know!  As I always say, I learn something new everyday.