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Busy with my crochet hooks

I may not have had the chance to post anything here all of June, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.  Sometimes crafting and blogging don’t go at the same pace and I end up doing more of one than the other.

I have been busy collecting crochet hooks, mostly from the dollar store, of all places!  It’s the same ones being sold in the craft stores, and I’ve been lucky that my store has a stock.  I had decided to stick with the G but I’ve lost two so far, and the store is all out.  I will probably have to just swallow the full cost and get it from one of the stores in the city, if not my always reliable Michael’s.  I don’t know why but hearing the metallic hooks jingling in my pencil case cum crochet hook case is just music to my ears.
Work in Progress; Freeform CrochetMy yarn stash has also been growing, mostly in shades of pink.  (And then some..). One of these days, I will show you where I get my yarn here in Manhattan and you’ll see the varied offerings.  I have also gone up to my attic to dig through my yarn box which I had pulled together mostly to knit into scarves.   Work in Progress; Freeform Crochet

I continue to experiment with new stitches and the more complicated ones are proving to be a challenge.  But I am enjoying learning them and trying to get better at doing them.  With everything that I’ve managed to stitch up so far, I haven’t quite decided yet what I am making first — a scarf, a pull over or a hat.  Decisions, decisions!
Work in Progress; Freeform Crochet

I’m thinking there’s still plenty of time before fall when I expect I would get to use all these things eventually.  And then there’s the trip to Manila where threads the threads are a whole lot cheaper than here.  While the variety in yarns is lacking  (the ones we have here are more colorful and artsy), the cotton threads available there are hard to find here at the same price.  I grew up with the cotton threads that became those fancy adornments in houses of old.  Now if only they didn’t weigh so much!

I like the way the hook pulls the thread and weaves each stitch and gets you into a certain rhythm that can be hypnotic sometimes.  It can be very relaxing once you know what it is you want to create.

I’ve started a Pinterest board for Crochet inspirations, and another for Crochet by me.  It helps me to be able to see others who have created these fabulous pieces, be they just bits of freeform crochet or swathes of intricate stitches that make an elegant stole or shrug.  There is inspiration aplenty.  Dreamy!


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Craft shopping in New York City: Envelopper

It’s one of those “finds” which is akin to a little girl stumbling into a heretofore unknown candy store and you see all the goodies inside and gawk. Then you stop resisting and decide you MUST go in.

I saw what looked like art related materials for paper crafting, and I couldn’t even see a real sign. It turns out that the name of the store was painted on the farthest window display which I didn’t actually see until I was leaving the area. They’re called Envelopper and have a wide variety of paper stock for cards, stationery and envelopes primarily. But they are more than just a paperie or paper store. Besides providing supplies for the brave and enterprising who would rather do their invitations themselves, they offer a full-range of printing options for those who would like to entrust that to the experts.

NYC: Envelopper - quite the paper store

They also have a wide selection of writing tools (i.e., fountain pens and markers) and inks. On the papercrafting side, they have a whole section devoted to boxes and other such containers, embellishments and a wide assortment of beautiful gifts.
NYC: Envelopper - quite the paper store

They have stickers and journals galore and one thing that I really drew me to stay and linger was that they sold Christian Lacroix Journals.(See the shelf on the right side.)
NYC: Envelopper - quite the paper store
I had first encountered these gorgeous journals at the departure lounge of one of the international terminals of JFK Airport in December, and I couldn’t help but swoon over the gorgeous cover designs and paper inside. They came in different sizes and thicknesses to suit the different tastes of journalers and diary keepers — and I would have snapped one up but I couldn’t make up my mind about which one I would actually grab and the bigger ones were both pricey and heavy. (Do I really want to spend $50 on a journal?)

Journals by Christian Lacroix

They came in different sizes and thicknesses to suit the different tastes of journalers and diary keepers — and I would have snapped one up but I couldn’t make up my mind about which one I would actually grab and the bigger ones were both pricey and heavy. (Do I really want to spend $50 on a journal? Yet they had the smaller journals which were around $20.)

Journals by Christian Lacroix

Pity that I was in the hurry to get back to the office.  I was curious about the various embellishments lining shelves and walls of the front portion of the store.

NYC: Envelopper - quite the paper store

These GelGems are a curious embellishment I’d love to give a try one of these days.  However I was drawn to the postcards and the journals.  Time was runnning out.  I am also very curious about their printable magnet sheets in different shapes and sizes.  Hmmmmm… perfect souvenir for those planning a party or as a DIY project for Moms like me with tons of pictures to share and post.

I managed to grab some fuschia pink card stock and a bunch of ocre envelopes in the appropriate size which were half off.  (Talk about a weird combination) I hope to use the card stock with my Spellbinders Grand Calibur which was been hibernating in its box for quite a while now.  Can’t wait!

I am definitely going back to the Envelopper very soon.  You’ll find them on 45 W 21st Street between 5th and 6th Avenue in the Chelsea/Gramercy/Flat Iron area.