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Back to my altered book

My Altered Book resurrectedI started this project in September 2012 with the goal in mind of preparing an altered book I could journal on later. It was supposed to be my “happiness” project where I was going to put together happiness quotes for personal inspiration. I worked on it continuously for the second half of 2012 until the holidays came and it found a place in one of my bins where it’s been for most of 2013.

I fished it out yesterday and started writing in it.

I was almost tempted to start another journal until I remembered this one. Most of it’s pages are done in acrylic paint because this was way before I discovered Alcohol Ink and Distress Ink Pad and Tim Holtz. It should be fun experimenting with the techniques I have learned since then. 

A lot has changed since I started the journal and I still have around 15 layouts to do, but I am all psyched to start the writing and embellishing part.  While my state of mind (and state of heart) at the time I started this journal compared to now that I’m picking it up again are worlds apart, the fact that  I hope to get to a better and happier place remains the same.

I’m hoping it will help me get back to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s Art Journal Every Day project as well.  I actually participated in 2012 and had a whole section/page going on my other blog, but the new version of my personal blog Pinay New Yorker has it hidden for now. 

Getting there!

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Trying to stir the creativity within

Trying to stir up the creative juices againI’m trying to jumpstart my creativity again. These days, I see my tools and my supplies and all I can think of is “putting them away”. Packing them up. Hiding them from sight.

I’m hoping Instagram will help inspire me.  Look for me there as GOTHAMCHICK.  

I’m trying to grab inspiration from my artistic muses like Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  Maybe I’ll even start art journaling again.  Julie is such an inspiration to me not just as an artist but as a person.  She has gotten to a very good place where I hope to find myself in as well soon.

The shop has been on vacation. I’m trying to push myself to start again.  I have so many things I can create with right now I don’t even have to buy any additional supplies to start anew.  Oh, okay — have to get with the packaging again.  I had started with handmade boxes but now realize that perhaps regular boxes are the way to go.  It took me so much time and effort to create the packaging that it robbed me of time to create.  More on that later.

I want to be able to sort my things and get rid of those things I don’t need.  I have taken to getting rid of five things at any given time, whether I’m ruffling through the contents of my purse (Are you like me who keeps every receipt thinking they might be good for something like a refund later?)

I want to get organized.

Let’s see where the weekend leads me.  I wanted to at least open my altered book and either start a new entry or just get to the pages I’ve already created and start writing on them.  That might get me started.