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Getting “Etsy-organized”

It has been slower than I had hoped it to be but I’m trying to get the store up and running. I have been gathering pieces whose listings have expired and renewing them with a few tweaks. As time goes by, I’ve noticed how Etsy itself has changed a lot since I was last active two years ago. (Yes, it’s been that long.)

For one, the listing numbers seem to have disappeared altogether which is probably the reason why a lot of sellers now have reference codes in the listing title. With the restocking of the store, that isn’t a problem for me since I can easily edit the listing as I publish them again. It also helps me to organize my goods in a fashion that makes sense to me. I’ve had it happen twice that I couldn’t ship out immediately because I ended up misplacing the piece I sold. Hopefully, that will be prevented by a simple alpha-numeric reference coding system I’m going to be using.

So six listings are up and I hope to add another three later today. If I can sustain this, I should have a not-so-sparse inventory by the time Mother’s Day comes around this May. Please visit the store !