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My new toy: Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine

I am all excited about my new “toy”, a birthday gift of sorts to myself. I got this Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine which I found to be cheapest at Amazon. I have used it only a bit since I got it but the possibilities are endless.  It took me a while to decide which machine I would get as my first die cutter, considering the various offerings in the market.  I definitely didn’t want anything electronic.  First there was the price factor (too prohibitive) and then there was the possibility that it wouldn’t work for me and I would end up having to buy something else.  I saw the Grand Calbur at work firsthand so I was leaning towards it from the start.

What’s a die cutter without the dies?  I had bought the Spellbinders Mega Dies, Rose Creations and have been having a grand time  learning about my new toy and figuring out possibilities.  I am already excitedly planning my niece, Andreanna Lux’s invitation for her first birthday, and that’s not until September! Ha!  I like this set because it gives you a choice of making the bigger blossoms or sticking to the smaller dies.  I like them all!

The machine came with plates that you use to sandwich the dies depending on what you’re tryig to do (emboss or cut), and I think it’ll be a good idea to have sticker labels on the machine itself telling me which plates go in when.

I also tried embossing some paper with one of my new folders, Ecstasy Crafts Embossing Folder -Flowers, but I think I made the mistake of using the wrong set of plates and I heard some resistance when I let the “sandwich” through.  It looks like it didn’t damage the cutter so I’m good.  It gave me a chance to use some of the paper stock I had bought from The Paper Cut when I went to the Allentown Rubber Stamp & Paper Crafts Fair last April 13.

Allentown Rubber Stamping & Paper Crafts Fair - The Paper Cut

I hope to post more regularly here and give a progress report on my craft experiments. My big swaps from Swap-bot are almost done, and I’ve resolved to take a swap break for a bit as I’ve been creatively taxed from all the creating.

More handmade cards coming!